Top Real Estate Agents

Why are top real estate agents successful, and other real estate agents unsuccessful?

Are there certain things that successful Realtors do on a daily basis that unsuccessful Realtors do not? How do they find leads? How much time do they spend prospecting each day?

The successful real estate agent has all the business they can handle (and then some!), while the unsuccessful Realtor struggles to find clients and their business up and down like a very stressful and unpleasant roller coaster.

  1. Plan Your Day Before It Starts

    • Take a few minutes the night before and plan your top priorities for the following day. Attack those things first!
  2. Write Valuable Blog Content

    • The more quality content you publish, the better chance you have to get found by buyers and sellers. Make blogging a priority and you will see results.
  3. Network and Socialize Daily

    • Being social and hosting events puts you in situations where you are more likely to meet someone who can help you advance in your career!
  4. Give to Get

    • When starting out on social media, share and promote the content of other top realtors. They will eventually want to reciproacte and share yours as you build and grow your online presence.
  5. Put Clients Needs First

    • Anything that helps my clients immediately goes to the top of my list. If you don’t make your clients happy, then nothing else really matters.
  6. Stay Up On Social Media

    • Understand the importance of social media and blogging in real estate. Doesn’t it make sense to put yourself infront of potential buyers and sellers online?
  7. Respond Quickly to Leads

    • Respond to ALL leads online, you have nothing to lose! You may get the client by default. Many of my clients were surprised that I was the only one who called them back!