Real estate agents are licensed salespeople who are often obliged to work under a specific broker. The term “agent” means that there is a defined relationship between a real estate salesperson and the buyers and sellers that he or she is doing business with. That being said, each real estate agent has a specific demeanor associated with his or her professional qualities that become vital to his or her success.

Maintaining a professional presence and image is essential for real estate agents on a variety of levels. If you are a real estate agent or are thinking about earning your license, here are a few tips on how to develop a strong professional presence so you too can be successful:

First, it is crucial to pay special attention to your appearance. Though this may seem a bit shallow, not many people will take you seriously if you show clients and open house dressed like you just got back from the gym. Having clean and appropriate work clothes, tidy hair, and wearing certain accessories that are associated with your company or local office are vital when it comes to looking like an expert agent.

scot ulmer real estate agent success tips

Another thing to keep in mind when you are at a meeting with clients or your company is body language. Maintaining eye contact, standing (or sitting) up straight, and using hand gestures when appropriate are great ways to engage the people you are speaking to actively. Along with body language, keep in mind the way you speak – always be courteous, attentive, and confident.

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Next, master your phone presence. Strive to be the most articulate agent at the office when it comes to speaking on the phone. Many people overlook this aspect of client communication, but it is one of those simple steps that can make a massive difference to your success as a real estate agent.

Another aspect of communications that you should make a note of it when you write. Whether you are writing a letter, sending an email, or even texting a client or coworker, make sure you are using correct grammar and double-check for spelling mistakes. Having a reliable, professional online presence is essential for building your professional image.

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