Scot Ulmer HeadshotScot Ulmer has always had a passion for real estate. At just fourteen years old, Scot bought his own home after buying and selling a car he found at a yard sale. From then on, he knew he had a natural talent for negotiating and selling homes.

Recognizing his yearn to be part of the business world from a young age, Scot graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in Business, Finance, and Communication Studies. After graduating, he won the 20 Under 40 Award at age 26 for a business he founded called “Aspiring Minds of Toledo.” Scot then entered his family real estate business that ended up being far from what he expected. Though the outcome of his family business was not ideal, Scot did gain proficient professional skills and expertise he has used throughout his career in real estate.

Scot Ulmer recently started his own company dedicated to mentoring and training those who want to become real estate agents or who wish to become a property buyer or seller. Scot has experienced over 1,500 lease-options, land contracts, owner-financings, subject-to’s, ACTS, and now wants to share his business strategies with the world.

Scot has a compilation of videos and other mentoring resources that help his clients learn about these kinds of investment strategies so they can excel in the world of real estate just as he has.

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